Internet of Everything
Henrik G. Vogel/ pixelio

IHK-Technology Forum: Smart Technologies for the City of the Future

News from Nov. 04, 2015

Due to growing cities, changes in the economy and the society and the necessity of sustainable environmental politics, new ICT-based solutions are of central importance. On November 12th, representatives from business and science discuss current technology trends in Industry 4.0, Mobility and Big Data in Berlin.

The expansion of the digitalization bears both chances and risks. The objective of a Smart City is to support its inhabitants to use scarce resources as efficient and sustainable as possible. Furthermore, its objective is to enable citizens a good and safe life without restricting freedoms – for example to be creative and innovative. Our director Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth will open the IHK-Technology Forum with his Keynote “Smart Technologies for the City of the Future”. His speech is followed by several forums with short presentations of experts.

The event will take place at InnoZ, the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Social Change on the EUREF-Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Update: This event was cancelled. The new date will probably be in March 2016.