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Kampagnenvideo »Public Money, Public Code«. CC BY 4.0 fsfe.org & motionensemble.de

New publication “Modernizing Public Infrastructure with Free Software”

News from Mar. 10, 2020

Free Software offers diverse potentials for public administration, but is often misunderstood in this field. In the latest publication “Public Money Public Code - Modernizing Public Infrastructure with Free Software” from our Public IT Competence Centre, experts clarify the most common misconceptions about Free Software, present numerous examples in public administration and answer questions on aspects such as IT security, competition policy or procurement.

What does the term “Free Software” mean? Free Software or also Open Source or Libre Software, may be used for any purpose and modified as desired, it may be distributed and copied free of charge and its code may be examined by independent bodies. To create trustworthy systems, public institutions must ensure that they have full control over the software and computer systems that are at the heart of our government digital infrastructure.

With “Public Money Public Code”, the Public IT Competence Centre (ÖFIT) together with the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) wants to bring the added value of Free Software closer to the public. This includes greater control over technology, more sustainability through the reuse of source code and the sharing of code and costs with other institutions.

The German translation of this publication of the Free Software Foundation Europe is co-edited by the Competence Center Public IT and is available for download as a complete publication on the ÖFIT website.