Doctoral theses 2018

Carella, Giuseppe; Schaefer, Rafael; Magedanz, Thomas; Bellavista, Paolo; Kao, Odej (2018): An extensible and customizable framework for the management and orchestration of emerging software-based networks. Avialable online.

Dziallas, M.; Blind, Knut; Salomo, Sören (2018): Innovation decisions of characteristics in the new product development process. A focus on the front-end of the automotive innovation process.

Krauß, Christopher; Hauswirth, Manfred; Merceron, Agathe; Drachsler, Hendrik (2018): Time-dependent recommender system for the prediction of appropriate learning objects. Avialable online.

Protzmann, Robert; Popescu-Zeletin, Radu; Vinel, Alexey; Hauswirth, Manfred (2018): V2X communication in heteregeneous networks. Avialable online.