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FAMIUM TV Control Service

The FAMIUM TV Control Service provides means to access TV sources, channels and their streams within your Web applications.

The service and API are based on work we have contributed to several efforts like HbbTV, OIPF, webinos and currently W3C TV Control CG and others that are working also in the field of Web based TV control APIs like Mozilla and their TV Manager API proposal.

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With this functionality at hand provided via a Web API you benefit threefold

  • Control the state of the tuner, e.g. tuning to a specific channel
  • Listen to state changes, e.g. when a remote control is used to switch channels
  • Access stream meta-information like EPG data and the streams for playback within your Web application

The FAMIUM TV Control Service enables a whole bunch of new scenarios bringing the TV and Web domains closer.

  • Social zapping: The capability to access the tuner within the Web context allows for remote control scenarios like integration of personalised recommendation and community services
  • Enriched TV experience: Being aware of tuner state changes like the current channel and programme allows to synchronize your Web content with the broadcasted programme
  • Seamless Session Transfer between Devices: With all information available and means to establish the same sate on another screen the consumption of your service remains in continuity


Additionally, the interworking with FAMIUM Personal Cloud makes FAMIUM TV Control Service available remotely across all your personal connected devices.

This allows for programmatic control of TV tuners from Web applications running on any device. For example, with a single click in your application running in the desktop Web browser the TV channel at your connected TV or set-top box can be changed.

In conjunction with FAMIUM Multiscreen even the playback display is easilly switched from within your Web application and thus your favorite programme always available on a screen of your choice (via W3C WebScreens API).

Additionally, the FAMIUM DASH component can provide DASH encoded media streams through the FAMIUM TV Control Service, adapting to the best bitrate in correspondence to given network conditions.

To get a first feeling about what a Web developer could achieve using TV APIs in the Web we provide a live tutorial that implements different TV API proposals. The tutorial explains how the APIs are working and where the differences are.

Keyboard shortcut

To use the tutorial some keyboard shortcut are provided as follows:

  • I shows a general info page about the demo.
  • L hides/unhides a log that shows what is happening during the use of the demo.
  • C hides/unhides a channel list.
  • A hides/unhides an API selection list to switch between APIs to be used by the demo.
  • F11 to go to fullscreen mode.
  • Up/Down to go up and down through the available channels.
  • 0...9 to directly switch to a channel number.

Contact us for more details, implementations or demos.

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