HbbTV Application Toolkit – HAT Extensions 

Student Project and Master Thesis

The growth of the HbbTV market generates a huge demand for HbbTV applications. The development of those apps is costly in terms of money and time and requires special knowledge beyond creating web pages. One of the biggest barriers getting TV applications on connected devices is device fragmentation w.r.t. HbbTV compliance and interpretation of the HbbTV standard by the different CE manufacturers and browser vendors.

The HbbTV Application Toolkit (HAT) provides an efficient, easy to use and fast way to create and maintain applications for HbbTV. HAT is based on WordPress and allows content creators 
to build interactive TV applications without specific technical skills. HAT covers a TV oriented template collection, which can be accessed through the editor UI. The content editor can choose from different layouts and create app-designs regarding their own corporate identity. HAT includes basic modules, like broadcast or IP-video, text, image and live blog. The live blog includes a 3rd party service, which is integrated via social media APIs.

Your tasks:

  • Write HAT plug-ins, e.g. Social Media, News Ticker, Weather, Second Screen etc.
Required skills:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Optional: Wordpress
Related technologies:

  • Documentation
  • Code
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Miggi Zwicklbauer