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Synchronization of application with broadcast TV

Student Project (at least 2 participants)

Sync an HbbTV application with a broadcast quiz.

Your tasks:

The task involves using a synchronization framework and providing a plug-in for a WordPress based HbbTV application editor.

The goal is to provide a plug-in for to the open source HbbTV tool MPAT (based on WordPress) to allow TV viewers to play along with the RBB quiz show "Jede Antwort zählt!". Multiple choice questions shall be presented to the viewer in sync with the TV programme (independent of transmission method, i.e. satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP) and allow viewers to provide answers only until the correct answer is revealed in the program. An additional sync point is when the in-studio players “log in” their answer.

The work includes the provision of a backend for editors on the broadcaster side to provide questions and answer alternatives in a user-friendly way.

Required skills:

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS (must)
  • WordPress

Related technologies:

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Christian Fuhrhop