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Development of a Multiscreen Application for HbbTV and Web 

The HbbTV 2 specification offers a new set of features like HTML5, CSS3 and Companion Screens. The Companion Screen feature allows to connect one or multiple mobile devices to an HbbTV application running on the TV to enhance the user experience through personalisation and interactive content. The W3C Second Screen Presentation API provides also specification with similar features and allows a web page running in the browser on a mobile device to connect and present content on a TV or Streaming device like Chromecast.

Your tasks:

Your task in the project is to develop an Multiscreen Application consisting of TV and companion application components for an appropriate scenario like Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Multiplayer Game or Quiz using the HbbTV Companion Screen and Presentation API specifications. For HbbTV, an existing HbbTV Cordova Plugin (see references) can be used.

Required skills:

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Cordova or IONIC

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Supervisor: Louay Bassbouss