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Evaluation of Discovery Technologies for OpenScreenProtocol

Student Project (1-2 participants)

The W3C Second Screen Presentation Working Group provides a specification that enables web pages to use secondary screens to display web content. This specification aims to make presentation displays such as projectors or connected TVs, available to the Web and takes into account displays that are attached using wired (HDMI, DVI, or similar) and wireless technologies (Miracast, Chromecast, DLNA, AirPlay, or similar). The specification abstracts from the underlying low level APIs and protocols for discovery of displays, launch of presentation and exchange of messages. On the other hand, the Open Screen Protocol aims to develop specifications of network protocols that implement the Presentation API. Discovery is one important feature of the protocol and there are already two technologies  – SSDP and mDNS/DNS-SD – which are identified as potential protocols for discovery.

Your tasks:

  • Evaluate both protocols SSDP and mDNS/DNS-SD according multiple aspects: Reliability, Latency of device discovery / device removal, Network efficiency, Network efficiency, …
  • For the evaluation you need to develop evaluation tests using existing SSDP and mDNS/Implementations

Required skills:

  • Web Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

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Louay Bassbouss