FAMIUM Personal Cloud

The FAMIUM Personal Cloud is an overlay network for all your personal devices and thereby combines them to a single virtual device. It permanently connects your smartphone, your laptop and TV and even your car in a secure way with each other. Personal Cloud applications can then access data and features from all connected devices.

By combining all personal devices to a virtual device, Personal Cloud applications can discover and use device features and services as if they were local. Device capabilities are exposed as JavaScript APIs to Web developers. Additionally, FAMIUM Personal Cloud is easy to extend with custom and future JavaScript APIs. A security model ensures that access to this rich capability is secure and remains under the control of the end user.

The FAMIUM Personal Cloud is well defined and highly extensible, meaning that for instance applications to share media and services, remote control TV playback, controlling TV rendered 3D games using phone gestures and movement, doing cross device advertising or multi-screen interactive apps, can all use the same framework.

FAMIUM personal cloud
Fraunhofer FOKUS


  • The Personal Cloud is easy to use and integrate through established Web technologies
  • From a single device you can use and share device features offered by any of your devices
  • Devices stay connected independent of their location
  • No need to connect your devices for each application again and again - once devices are part of the Personal Cloud applications can start using other devices
  • Caters to extensibility

Features and Assets

  • Applications use remote device features as local services
  • Personal Clouds can be interconnected with each other for multi-user scenarios
  • Provides service discovery to applications via JavaScript interfaces including local discovery, UPnP and DIAL
  • Easy device and service configuration for the user
  • Enables secure device resource sharing over encrypted communication channels
  • Supports a wide range of environments: home entertainment/TV, smart home/IoT/embedded devices, car infotainment/entertainment
  • Fine-grained policy system for accessing device features using XACML

Key Technologies & Standards 

  • W3C Web Notifications API
  • W3C Widget Interface
  • eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
  • Discovery and Launch (DIAL)