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June 11–12, 2024 – Fraunhofer FOKUS

Christina von Messling

Head of Europe, Future Today Institute

Talk: The Age of the Technology Supercycle: What does it mean for the future of media?, Day 2, Session 2, 10:30 - 11:15

Christina von Messling is the Head of Europe and senior consultant at the Future Today Institute, a strategic foresight institute based in New York City. She has been working in media and entertainment for the past twenty years, and in technology and innovation specifically for the past decade. Her experience includes VP of Social Media for a media tech startup focusing on new advertising models as well as management consultant for digital innovation at TLGG. She leads the entertainment and climate verticals at the Future Today Institute, where she currently explores the intersection of AI and XR. Other areas of expertise include robotics, synthetic biology, and web3. Christina holds a Masters in Law from the Freie Universitat Berlin and splits her time between New York, Berlin, and London.