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FAMIUM Internet of Things 

FAMIUM IoT provides a common interface for Internet of Things devices to make them available on the Web. Access today’s heterogeneous devices such as TVs, smart home devices, wearable devices effortlessly. Connected devices are exposed through a set of extensive APIs that application developers can leverage in Web applications. FAMIUM IoT allows straightforward access to sensor data streams and controls actuators. Your connected devices become smart!

Connects standalone devices with Web applications

Easily expose devices via FAMIUM IoT to make them available to Web applications. FAMIUM IoT gathers data from sensors and actuators. Data is available through MQTT and RESTful APIs. Manage your devices and data using FAMIUM IoT Web communication protocol.

Supporting popular devices like Arduino embedded controllers, Raspberry Pi and other embedded devices, application developers benefit from Web APIs to access sensor data and actuators like iBeacons.

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  • Use FAMIUM IoT to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup data streams from all your devices
  • Managing knowledge derivation
  • Define rules for data streams in your applications
  • Configure data streams and set access policies for them
  • Secure and privacy-preserving data aggregation and distribution
  • The dynamic composition of M2M services to create advanced services on top
  • Discovering, provisioning and monitoring of IoT devices and services
  • Publish and share the data of your Web-connected devices using FAMIUM Personal Cloud

Features and Assets

  • Connect standalone devices to Web applications
  • Build and deploy applications with FAMIUM IoT using protocols like ANT+, iBeacon, MQTT and others
  • Publish and share the data of your Internet-connected devices with your
    developer community
  • Grab the output of any data stream as JSON and use it in your application
  • FAMIUM IoT supports extensibility for future devices

Key Technologies & Standards

  • Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
  • ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPIO, Serial
  • W3C WebSocket API