Fruehwarnsysteme im Einsatz
Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Citizens First!

The engagement of people affected by hazards in security measures – helping people to help themselves – is a great challenge for an effective civil protection. A change of perspective is essential – away from the safety specialists' and rescue personnel's point of view towards that of involved citizens, based on the motto: “citizens first!”. Combining new with existing resources often is the fastest, most cost-efficient and effective way. In addition, instead of detection-focused concepts (“How can I recognize an emergency?”), the ESPRI Business Unit rather focuses on new solutions from information logistics (“Who needs to know what and when about an emergency in order to handle the situation?”). ESPRI has developed various systems that are already being used in daily operations. These systems are cornerstones of the national and international public safety infrastructure.

Service portfolio

  • Feasibility, requirements and efficiency analyses (e.g. tracking and sensor technologies, mobile services platforms, control centers, secure communication)
  • Conceptual design, architectural design, implementation of local and situation-related services
  • Development, piloting and operation of multi-hazard/ multi-channel warning systems
  • Networking and further development of existing security technologies and solutions offering substantial benefits to the everyday lives of the public

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