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Testing and experiencing low code in an application-centred way

Low code offers an innovative approach to software development in which new applications are largely created without traditional code. By intuitively assembling software components via a graphical user interface, this method can partially replace conventional text-based coding and the in-depth programming skills required for this.

What can low-code achieve in the context of administrative digitalisation? In our low code workshop, we are working independently on topics to advance innovations in low code for the public sector. Our interdisciplinary research team is analysing various low code application and action areas in public administration. We identify new challenges and potentials of low code and analyse qualitative framework conditions for a successful low code application.

In the low code workshop we offer, among other things

  • Joint events
  • Consulting and strategy development
  • A low code environment to try out (learning meadow)
  • Specialist lectures


Would you like to attend a specialist lecture, try out practical low code scenarios or find out about the requirements for implementing low code solutions? Then please get in touch with us. We look forward to meeting you!

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