Researching and implementing blockchain

The Blockchain Workshop bundles the activities of the DPS and SQC business units of Fraunhofer FOKUS in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. In cooperation with the public sector, companies, software manufacturers, standardisation organisations, start-ups and universities, the workshop researches and tests blockchain technology in various fields of application. The blockchain workshop focuses on digital administration, the energy sector, open data, open science, quality assurance, identity management and the Internet of Things.

Possible use cases in public administration range from digital identities and the provision of open data to the public IoT (public Internet of Things). Due to its properties, blockchain can, for example, help to distribute data in a tamper-proof manner and ensure a high level of security without a centralised service provider. Whether the blockchain is actually a useful tool for the specific application and which specific form is suitable must be considered on a case-by-case basis and evaluated with confidence in this still emerging topic.

Our services:

  • Support in the creation or evaluation of use cases
  • Analysing existing applications with regard to blockchain extensions - is a blockchain suitable, sustainable and economical for this use case?
  • Support in the selection and design of suitable blockchain technologies or related decentralised technologies, e.g. through feasibility studies
  • Creation of demonstrators and pilot applications
  • Scientific, professional and technical support in the implementation of blockchain applications