Oct. 01, 2013 to Sep. 30, 2016

STREETLIFE will develop a multimodal urban mobility information system that provides mobile information services to end users in order to promote and recommend sustainable transport alternatives, thus reducing traffic and related emissions in cities. It also offers sophisticated ICT solutions to traffic management centers and city administrations to control the mobility resources and policies and to proactively enhance them. A variety of information sources has to be integrated in the STREETLIFE Mobility Information System for this purpose. A huge amount of real-time data will be retrieved from transport planning, traffic management, connected cars and other transport related sources. 

Intelligent data processing and fusion methods will ensure that the user will be provided at every time with reliable up-to-date information regarding the best available travel route and combination of transport means. The STREETLIFE Mobility Information System will be implemented in three pilot sites, i.e. cities of different size, each showing individual characteristics of the transport system: Berlin (Germany), Tampere (Finland) and Rovereto (Italy). The STREETLIFE system will be tested and evaluated in each pilot city in order to assess its impact on carbon emissions and further environmental parameters.