Test Automation Engineer, Prüfen
Gorodenkoff Productions OU

Test Automation Engineer (TAE)

Specialist Module, Advanced Level

Testing software is a new challenge every day - in agile teams as well as in classic projects. Today, testers work more closely with developers and technical aspects such as automation are becoming more important. This course shows the tasks of a Test Automation Engineer (TAE) in the conception, development and maintenance of test automation solutions. The focus is on the concepts, methods, tools and processes for automating dynamic functional tests and their execution, test management, configuration management, defect management, software development processes and quality assurance. The methods described are generally applicable across different software lifecycle approaches (e.g. agile, sequential, incremental, iterative), types of software systems (e.g. embedded, distributed, mobile) and test types (functional and non-functional testing).

The training was developed with the German Testing Board (GTB).

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