The first introduction to cyber security tools gives you the opportunity to independently check your own security and the security of your supply chain in the internet and to define measures for this purpose. iStock/ alvarez

Discover, Close and Prevent: An introduction to low-level pentesting with Shodan.io

As outlined in the study: How secure is Germany's IT infrastructure?

In this training course, you will gain a practical insight into the world of low-level pentesting. We will show you how to detect potential security vulnerabilities on the Internet to protect your organization from threats.

Our focus is on the use of Shodan.io, a powerful search engine that allows you to search for networked devices and open ports on the Internet. Through targeted search queries, you will learn how to uncover and close weaknesses in your digital infrastructure.

Our training answers important questions such as: How do I conduct effective searches? What immediate measures need to be taken to close security gaps? And how can a regular security review process be established?

The training will be held in German.

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