​Connecting Smart Objects from a private network for customized services

Transferring part of the functionality from the central nodes to the edge of the network

  • Independent Networks
  • Integrated Edge with Unreliable Backhaul
  • Back-to-Back Backhaul Networks
  • End-to-end Integrated Edge
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Depending on the use case, different types of network configurations are considered

The functionality is split between edge and central node so different functions placed back-to-back and sporadically/partially or continuously synchronized.

By managing of the backhaul a secure connectivity and the management of the edge routing is possible. 

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Edge Use Cases - Support for local networks

By combing Open5GMTC with the Open5GCore and OpenSDNCore a comprehensive flat network solution for private networks can be achieved

Open5GMTC provides
  • Device admission control (security and QoS)
  • Customization of local data control
  • Local data processing framework
  • Data homogenization
OpenSDNCore provides:
  • Specific WAN Optimizations
  • Secure connectivity between “edge" applications
Open5GCore provides:
  • Customized local network control
Edge applications and protocols are added on demand (MQTT, CoAP, OneM2M, SCADA, OPC, etc.)
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Edge Use Cases - Localizing service over unreliable backhaul

With the 5G Ready Trial Platform it is possible to ad a set of edge nodes to compliment the services with local capacity for reducing of the delay and providing the basis for localizied services. 

This functionality can be used for example for connecting best effort nodes within a city for a city-wide infrastructure and integration of nodes without requiring the best infrastructure.

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Edge Use Cases - Automotive mobile network

The deployment of the edge node in the car and connecting them through the available networks will be possible. Following scenarios are imaginable: 

  • Using the car network as a home network
  • Remote car maintenance (remote control of heating, etc.)
  • Providing a public network in the public transport
  • Virtual reality in the public transport