Edge Computing Forum
Nov. 7, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Stein Myrseth

ForgeRock AS, Norway

Stein is a well renowned solution architect, worked many years as a research scientist and innovator with a special focus on human interaction and identity relations. He was the solution architect for both the Norwegian Citizen Portal (MyPage) and the Norwegian Identity Provider (MyID) for the public sector. Stein has been working with ForgeRock from the beginning covering many different roles like; product management and technical enablement. He has previously held the CTO position in several companies throughout his more then 25 years in this business working for both software integrators or software companies like Sun Microsystems. Today his main focus and dedication is within the field of “Internet of things” to innovate how ForgeRock identity platform can serve as the secure hub connecting user, things and services.

End-to-end Security Derived from a Hardware Based Root of Trust


Too many IoT deployments both within the consumer space and within Industrial IoT, lack a trusted end-to-end security solution starting with device and service attestation leverage a HW based secure root of trust to enable secure on-boarding, the communication, the data and the interaction in a M2M or M2C context from a trusted source. Without the level of device trust and assurance, data sent from the device, or any interaction with it can be bogus and not trusted. Data privacy, confidentiality will be compromised, IoT devices including anything from toys to cars can not be trusted or probably secured.