Edge Computing Forum
Nov. 7, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Colin Alexander

Arm, USA

Colin is Director of Wireless Marketing for the Infrastructure and Server Business Line Group in Arm. In this role Colin is responsible for helping ensure the success of Arm in the wireless infrastructure segment by ensuring Arm partner alignment, guiding the definition of Arm IP and ensuring that Arm based platforms are best aligned to ensure wide market adoption. Colin has held various positions in the semiconductor and communications industry at a mix of various start-ups and F500 companies.

From Edge to Distriubuted Clouds


As the industry progresses to complete specifications for the new 5G technology, we begin to have a clearer view of how the network will be constructed to meet the requirements of a mix of diverse use cases. The approach the industry is taking is to apply 5G network slicing to meet different traffic use cases. In addition to NG cellular networks, work is ongoing to prepare for Edge Compute in wireline networks as well. The application of Edge Computing will have a major baring in determining the success or failure of these networks. This talk will outline some of the challenges and look at some of the platform technologies from Arm and our partners that can be used to target some of these design challenges.