Edge Computing Forum
Nov. 7, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas C. Wolf

Andreas Wolf is a renowned industry expert with over 20 years of experience in digital signal processing and coding techniques in wireless and fiber optic communications. He is a graduate of the Technical University Berlin, has been as a manager with Siemens AG, was involved as an expert with ITU and RACE projects, and has worked for different groups in Fraunhofer.

His PhD work and his research that has lead to his post-doc German habilitation degree, was in the area of coding and signal processing. Wolf is the inventor of the advanced DSSS technology used in IEEE802.15.4-2006 (2.4GHz) and is named the inventor in the related base patents. His continued research has lead to the invention of PSSS.

Connecting the Edge via Industrial Wireless


Industrial realtime applications like process controlling demands are: low latency, low BER and high network uptime. Mobility modern production scenarios are based on wireless networks.

WLAN i.e. is optimized for mass markets (PC, …) and high data rate. The deployment isn’t flexible, the WLAN link is not deterministic. Therefore QoS (latency, …) is not guaranteed. New WLAN improvements are driven by the mass market. Until WLAN is adapted to the industrial demands another solution is needed.

Therefore a scalable PHY solution based on the PSSS (Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology for different link properties combined with a deterministic MAC is presented. Even the used SDR platform with FPGA based BB processors and its usage i.e. :

- in the PARSEC project with PSSS, FDD and PSSS_CDMA full duplex

- at FOKUS upcoming Interferer eviction application based on low latency remote managed wireless links,

are shown. CDD (Code Division Duplex) as full duplex technology and even as a future basis for cooperative cellular networks with multi-base stations and single mobile station is presented. PSSS, PSSS_CDMA and CDD are technologies with low complexity implementation and high performance.