Oct. 24, 2019 – Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin, Germany

Farid Singh

Founder, Take 3 Innovate

Farid Singh is passionate about helping people succeed and making new technology practical and usable. He is the founder of Technology and Innovation Consulting firm Take 3 Innovate, focusing on Edge Computing and Innovation. He was also the co-founder of OnLife Networks at Telefonica Product Innovation, one of the first Telco driven initiatives focusing on Edge Computing using transformational technologies like CORD, NFV, SDN and how these could empower edge services like Advertising, 5G, AR/VR, Content distribution and IoT.

He is was also the founding Co-Chair of the Facebook led Telecom Infra Project, Edge Computing Working Group.

Farid sits on the Innovation Board of Prosegur Security. In his free time, he works with start-ups and has worked with over 85 start-ups in Europe, and is also the MD of CyberNorth Startup Accelerator by Startup Wise Guys

Farid holds an MBA from INSEAD and is currently consulting with multiple clients who are looking for implementation based, pragmatic collaboration in Edge Computing and third wave innovation. Get in touch if you would like to build an effective Edge strategy driven by an innovation engine

Looking beyond latency, which Edge applications hold the key to disruption


A pragmatic talk about how Latency has stolen the limelight at the Edge technology roundtable, other very effective features are being overlooked and may hold the key to future applications. We look at these features from a technology breakdown and application perspective and give prospective customer insights on what is useful and what is not. We also look at the Telco or CSP view on Edge and how certain applications in 5 yrs may be the real money spinner, and latency might just be an afterthought.