Oct. 24, 2019 – Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin, Germany

Dr. Vivien Dollinger

CEO, ObjectBox

Dr. Vivien Dollinger is the CEO of ObjectBox, empowering Edge Computing in IoT and Mobile. Vivien has over a decade of experience building and scaling teams in the mobile and games industries.

Moving data to the edge - solving data persistence and synchronization


According to Gartner 75% of data will be processed on the edge by 2025. However, to be able to compute more data on the edge, edge devices need local data persistence. As most IoT projects need some data and decisions accessible centrally, there also needs to be an efficient synchronization of parts of the data with the cloud, basically distributed data persistence. In this talk we will look at why local data persistence and synchronization are key to Edge Computing and how to solve it.