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Tom Maelsa/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

TV of the future – FAME at German Marketing Day in Hamburg

News from Dec. 04, 2014

"Marketing in Digital Transformation" is the motto of this year’s German Marketing Day in Hamburg where the marketing industry comes together for the 41st time. International experts and the industry will discuss on current challenges and opportunities and give an overview what direction the industry will take in the future. Therefore also present: Dr. Stefan Arbanowski, Head of Competence Center Future Applications and Media, with his presentation "Adieu linear TV, bonjour Smart TV".

Among the Germans, television is still the most popular medium – more than 200 minutes spend 14 to 49 -year-olds each day in front of the TV, another 135 minutes are devoted to the Internet. That’s why both media are particularly interesting for advertisers – as this is where they most likely reach their key target group. Since the digitization a whole new world has opened for marketing managers: Smart TVs connect Internet and TV on one screen and can additionally integrate second devices such as smartphones and tablets with the TV content. How Smart TV works, how to be continuously online and how to reach the audience best across all media - that is what the second breakout-session will be about. In his presentation Dr. Stefan Arbanowski, Head of Competence Center Future Applications and Media, says goodbye to linear television and explains why Smart TVs will be the future.

Some other topics at the German Marketing Day will be strategic-structural challenges of "Marketing Organization 2.0", the question of whether in the future the CMO will be the "IT Nerd at the table of the CEO" or what online channels mean for sales and customer loyalty.