App "Tag.Check.Score"
With the app "Tag.Check.Score" citizens can tag unseen images of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin and thereby collect points. Fraunhofer FOKUS

Tag. Check. Score. – New App finds "digitale honorary posts" for museums

News from Sep. 16, 2013

Innumerable cultural assets of the state museums are not yet digitally recorded, and the museums themselves lack the staff. The Ethnological Museum in Berlin is now opening up its treasures through an app for citizens. Committed citizens can describe digital objects and thereby generate meta-data in a playful fashion.

The Ethnological Museum in Berlin stood before a sheer irresolvable problem: It has at its disposal huge amounts of rarely seen digital images and would like to make some of them open to the public. The personnel capacities are however limited. Alan Meyer, Fellow of the initiative Code for Europe together with the Fraunhofer FOKUS developed the solution: digital honorary posts. The app “Tag. Check. Score.” brings the photographs of the Ethnological Museum to the citizens. The citizens can now add tags, correct existing tags and thereby collect points: Tag. Check. Score. The aim was to develop reusable open-source IT-solutions because digitization is a challenge for a lot of museums, libraries and archives. Fraunhofer FOKUS coordinated the development.