NGNI, News, Unifi Meeting, Dezember 2015
Fraunhofer FOKUS

DAAD - UNIFI Project Meeting

News from Jan. 03, 2016

The DAAD-UNIFI meeting took place in Berlin at the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute from November 3 to November 6, 2015. 28 participants from 11 countries participated.

Purpose of the University Future Internet, UNIFI, project is to establish sustainable teaching and research infrastructures in the areas of Future Internet through global collaboration among academic institutions facilitating researchers particularly master and PhD students to work together on state of the art technologies. These infrastructures are based on state of the art open source toolkits and additional Software packages which are publicly available. The initiative is happy to announce the expansion of new associations and partnerships stretching all over the world including Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Finland, Hungary, among other countries. Visit our videos to learn more about UNIFI, its founding members and new associates. Become part of the Unify Community here.

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