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Demonstrations and PoCs Fraunhofer FOKUS

Product demonstrations and PoCs

The 5G Ready Trial Platform maintain the missing system functionality for end-to-end PoCs such as Core network functionality, Massive IoT enablers, Multimedia delivery enablers, Edge network functionality, monitoring and benchmarking tools within an urban environment and dynamic mobile infrastructures. 

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Fraunhofer FOKUS

Reference benchmarking and product assessment

Quantitative or comparative evaluations of different network architectures on top of heterogeneous and reproducible network conditions are possible

Within the 5G Ready Trial Platform you can test different syntethic workload or real life workload replay.
We emulate complex network topologies within a single data center and monitor the service KPIs like delays, successful procedures and interrupted sessions. It is also possibel to monitor used resources of CPU, memory, storage. If you need to test interworking with real devices and radio, the 5G Ready Trial Platform is also appropriate.