Brandenburger Tor
Nov. 15–16, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Heyn

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany

  • Joined Fraunhofer IIS in 1996, since 2001 Head of Connectivity Group
  • Establishment of LTE-A Testbed at IIS, incl. eMBMS
  • 3GPP Delegate since 2015 (RAN Plenary, partly RAN1), Topics are satellite integration and factory automation (URLLC)
  • Leading prototyping at IIS with OpenAirInterface – an open source implementation for LTE and New Radio
  • Various projects in satellite communication on signal processing, prototyping and channel modeling
  • XM Radio, Worldspace, Eutelsat
  • EU projects on satellite/terrestrial integration for several years (MAESTRO, RELY, SAFETRIP, 5G-ALLSTAR)
  • Several ESA projects on satellite channel models and satellite/terrestrial integration (MIMOSA, MiLADY, CoSAT, SCORSESE, Satis5, ALIX)


Integration of Satellites in 5G Networks for Direct Access and Backhaul - Status in 3GPP

The presentation will give an insight on the 3GPP activities to integrate satellite in 5G. The use cases identified in the SA working group cover backhauling as well as direct access of terminals over satellite. RAN working group identified the deployment scenarios and main impact areas, where New Radio has to be adapted for satellite operation. Currently, RAN studies solutions for New Radio within Release 16.