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QuickCheck Software Quality

How "healthy" is my software - and is it worth developing further? The "QuickCheck Software Quality" scientifically assesses the quality and future viability of a software application in use based on a wide range of criteria.


Software applications are only successful if they function well and are regularly developed further. At the end of a software's life cycle, a decision must be made between further development and new acquisition.

Solution Approach

With the "QuickCheck Software Quality", we assess the condition and future viability of software - starting with its source code and architecture, through its quality in use to the development environment and operational management. We analyse the condition of the software in use based on criteria such as up-to-dateness, reliability, performance, user-friendliness, flexibility, security and data protection.

In the context of public administration, we also look at interfaces to common existing systems such as e-files or cash register systems. In this process, we determine a point value or optionally a traffic light value for all criteria, which also allows different software to be compared. Critical or particularly outstanding features are emphasised separately. The "QuickCheck" provides a comprehensive recommendation for further action.

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Technical Realisation

  • Current methodological toolbox
  • Latest technology (including microservices, low code, containers)
  • Recognised evaluation methods
  • Scientific methodology
  • Weighted points system for evaluation.

Users decide on the exact scope of the quick check: a check based on individual criteria is just as possible as a comprehensive examination of the software used or an in-depth secondary analysis.