Research topic demographic change: competence platform for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) goes online

News from Jan. 20, 2012

A new web based competence platform for providers and developers of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions has been launched by Fraunhofer FOKUS and its project-partners from optimAAL. Their aim is to establish the platform to be first-to-click when it comes to information and expertise concerning Ambient Assisted Living AAL). The project will be introduced during the AAL congress 2012, taking place January 24th–25th in Berlin.

The effects of demographic change are not just challenging for our health system, but also the government, administration and economy are affected cross-divisionally by the obsolescence. In order to face those challenges at an early stage, European and national research and development projects have been initiated under the term Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) over the last years, trying to push on with the introduction of new solutions for elderly care, aging well, and assisted living. Pretty quickly it became clear though that providers and developers are still struggling with various problems, coming from different application domains of AAL. The project optimAAL with Fraunhofer FOKUS as one of the project partners tries to address these issues by supporting the AAL community with a web based platform for knowledge exchange and expert’s know how. Thereby, the development and introduction of innovative AAL solutions can be accelerated. Furthermore the goal is to establish an information exchange platform for the involved stakeholders of AAL projects and solutions