Nov. 13–14, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Philippe Cousin

easy global market, France

Philippe Cousin is currently chairing the WG Market Confidence within the IoT Forum. He is involved in the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) as coordinator of the Interoperability Activity Chain (AC4) as well as on Dissemination and International matters , thanks also to the Smart Action project. Since 2011, rapporteur of EU-China IoT expert Group. He is project manager of the EU-China Fire project, named ECIAO. He is also involved in Future internet FI-PPP programme in the Use Case FI-STAR project where he is leading the Quality and Validation WP also addressing IoT related Generic Enablers. Philippe COUSIN, has 30 years of experience in ICT and has worked since 2001 in +20 EU Research projects. Expert in ICT Standardisation, Validation and Interoperability issues for +20 years working in Orange/France Telecom R&D but also as Project Officer at the European Commission in Standardisation, Quality and CE Marking. After 4 years as Test house General Manager he joined in 2001 ETSI where he worked on ICT testing and validation issues as Interoperability Service Director where he launched the Plugtests Service. He has founded Easy Global Market in 2010 which is successfully involved in many FP7 projects and new H2020 ones coming.