VISCOM, Info, Kuppelkino, 06/14
Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

FOKUS researchers in new fundamental work on 360° worlds

News from May 17, 2013

FOKUS researchers from the Competence Center VISCOM contributed articles to the first fundamental work on the topic of 360° worlds. The book „Fullspace-Projektion. Mit dem 360°lab zum Holodeck“ provides insight into the current state of research and practice of full dome technologies.

The reference book „Fullspace-Projektion. Mit dem 360°lab zum Holodeck“ is the first fundamental work concerned with 360° worlds and was published on May 6, 2013. Multi-faceted and with clear depictions, it gives an overview of current research and practice of 360° projections for the first time. The book, which was published by the Springer-Verlag, contains papers on the conception, production and distribution of 360° worlds and the visions of the medium, which were written by around 30 experts on the subject. The scientists Ivo Haulsen, Manuel Schiewe and Jérémie Gerhardt from the Competence Center VISCOM are represented in it and, with their scientific papers, provide insight into their research. In his article „Kameras und Projektionssysteme für 360°“, Ivo Haulsen shows technical challenges that can arise with full dome installations. In a jointly written paper, he presents current approaches for „360°-Systeme für die Medizin“ together with Hendrik Friedrichs from the Universität Münster. „Auto-Alignment in Multi-Projektor-Systemen“ is Manuel Schiewe’s paper topic, in which he describes how automatic, camera-based alignment enables seamless projections. Jérémie Gerhardts contribution „Discussion about Dome Standard“ is concerned with standards for dome projections and shows how such standards can advance the field. „Fullspace-Projektion. Mit dem 360°lab zum Holodeck“ was published by Gordian Overschmidt, managing director of the Zendome GmbH, and Ute B. Schröder from the „centrum für qualitative evaluations- und sozialforschung e.v.“. The authors represented in the book introduce the current state of research, applications and outlooks for the areas marketing, education, entertainment and medical applications, present frameworks from their works as well as best practice examples, and offer concrete advice for the creation of content, software and hardware. The publication thus bridges a gap between current developments and corresponding research publications and discusses the potentials of this new market. 

Overschmidt, Gordian; Schröder, Ute B. (Hrsg.): Fullspace-Projektion. Mit dem 360°lab zum Holodeck

ISBN 978-3-642-24655-5 (Hardcover) bzw. ISBN 978-3-642-24656-2 (eBook)