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Project TAG CLOUD successfully completed

News from Apr. 05, 2016

With the last review on the 16th March 2016, the project TAG CLOUD (Technologies lead to Adaptability & lifelong enGagement with culture throughout the CLOUD) was successfully completed. In the project the COOLTURA-Platform and -App was developed with which it is possible to explore cultural content via augmented reality, games and social networks.
Europe’s cultural heritage is multifaceted and belongs as one of our most important assets. However, it often remains underutilized as cultural institutions in spite of interactive websites or elaborate 3D visualizations fail to attract the attention and engage visitors.

This is where the TAG CLOUD project positions itself: Its objective is to increase the active participation of people at cultural events by motivating them to make their own cultural experiences, provide new content and express their views and to share information with others. In the project, cloud based social media, augmented reality and story-telling-applications were used in order to support a life-long engagement with culture. The methodology developed and the interactive technologies used ensure that more people are brought close to the cultural heritage, the quality of the analysis is improved and the frequencies of visits to places of cultural interest are increased.

The COOLTURA-Platform and –App supports this by offering customizable services for cultural activities. With the COOLTURA-App, cultural institutions can present themselves to visitors with the help of interactive maps, routes or audio guides. The App enables the addition and removal of contents and the abstraction of complex data so that they are easier available for the user.

In the project, Fraunhofer FOKUS worked on the design and implementation of the TAG CLOUD Data Management Module that executes the collection and enriching of data. The module provides the basis for the personalization and recommendation services.

The TAG CLOUD project was funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.