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SoftFIRE - First open call announcement

News from July 15, 2016

The SoftFIRE project consortium is happy to announce the first open call for experimenters interested in NFV and SDN technologies. The different partners of the SoftFIRE project consortium have been quite busy in the last months building a federated infrastructure based on open source technologies like FITeagle, Open Baton, and OpenStack.
This infrastructure brings together different heterogenous testbeds providing SDN and NFV capabilities for experimenting with Programmability, Security, and Interoperability aspects in order to boost the developments of a 5th Generation of Mobile Networks. In addition, some testbeds offer Radio Access Technologies in order allow experimenters using Mobile Devices attached to a geographically distributed mobile network infrastructure. 
Fraunhofer FOKUS and TU Berlin are leading the activities related with the infrastructure instantiation: FITeagle will offer a FIRE-based northbound interface to 3rd parties who wants to program their experiments in an automated way, while Open Baton will serve as NFV Orchestrator for setting up different network slices on top of a distributed OpenStack-based infrastructure. Finally, OpenDayLight and ONOS will be integrated and offered to experimenters in order to instantiate virtual networks on top of the distributed SDN Infrastructure offered by JolNET (the Telecom Italia testbed).

The SoftFIRE project is now ready to receive proposals for experiments to be carried out on the Federated Testbed. There are at least two objectives which have to be fulfilled by experimenters interested in submitting a proposal: either enhancing the testbed developing or testing new functionalities, or producing and validating new services, systems and applications that can benefit of such distributed SDN/NFV infrastructure. 

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