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World Economic Forum in Davos Clemens Guedel

What do we need in the Post-Password Era? Innovation cluster »Next Generation ID« urges secure interconnected ID-solutions at the World Economic Forum 

News from Jan. 22, 2015

The Fraunhofer innovation cluster »Next Generation ID« (NGID) emphasized at the international panel of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos: Without electronic identities, there are no chances for a secure cyberspace.

Many of the present decision makers from banks, government and companies themselves had been struggling with attacks on their digital infrastructures in 2014. Due to this fact Cyber-attacks were also main topic at the World Economic Forum. For many companies, areas of the physical and the virtual world that had previously been separated are now merging by the Internet of Things. To ensure this complex, interconnected system, more than 70 billion devices will need a virtual identity until 2020.

„It is an illusion to protect the internet entirely. But we are able to secure the identities of persons, objects and processes. Therefore, we need international certifications and ID-technologies whose functions are guaranteed across country borders“, Prof. Radu Popescu-Zeletin, the former director of Fraunhofer FOKUS explains. On the subject “The Rise of Borderless Electronic Identities: Addressing Privacy Security and Trust in the post-Password Era”, he discussed together with the Chairman of the EU consortium Global Networking Identity of Individuals - Support Action (GINI-SA) Prof. Dr. Thomas Andersson, financial market expert Jean-Manuel Rozan, WISeKey-CEO Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, president of M & A Advisor, on how to get maximum security in the networked world. All participants agreed that secure electronic identities as the basis of all processes and applications are urgently needed – regardless of the industry one is in. Many of the panelists worked in the financial sector. Here ID security is particularly sensitive and pushes for quick and trustworthy solutions.