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Alex Schelbert

Modern Administration: Fraunhofer FOKUS at Microsoft Roundtable Talk with Steve Ballmer

News from Nov. 20, 2012

„Modern Administration and Strategy Microsoft“ was the title of a roundtable talk on November 8 in Berlin. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed together with high-level executives of German Public Sector, industry and research landscape the future of administration as well as groundbreaking projects of the Redmond-based company. Professor Radu Popescu-Zeletin represented Fraunhofer FOKUS as one of the most important German research partners.

Fraunhofer FOKUS introduced its work in the Public Sector and Healthcare, interoperability demands as well as concerns and expectations on cloud computing, device integration and Big Data. Popescu-Zeletin especially  emphasized the need for a citizen-centric administration. 

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft Germany CEO Christian P. Illek and Head of Public Sector, Marianne Janik, presented their most recent projects and strategies and highlighted the importance of collaboration between industry, research and administration for a modern eGovernment and a forward-looking health and education system in Germany.