DPS, Lösungen, Usabilizer, 16.08.2021
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Understanding data better with the Usabilizer - the visualisation and collaboration tool for user-friendly web application design.


Digital solutions should be operated as intuitively, comprehensibly and attractively as possible - but future users are too rarely involved in digitalisation projects. As a result, the acceptance, usability and accessibility of digital solutions suffer, particularly in public administration and the justice system. The diverse requirements, demands and domain-specific knowledge of both internal administrative staff and external citizens must be identified and integrated at an early stage in order to avoid costly misguided developments. This can be supported with tools that identify these requirements in a differentiated manner for both clients and developers.

DPS, Lösungen, Usabilizer, 16.08.2021
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Solution Approach

Usability tests collect data about potential users. In order to cluster and visualise this test data in a comprehensible way, we have developed a web application - the so-called Usabilizer (a cross between usability and visualizer

With the Usabiliser, user group-specific hurdles in operation can be quickly processed, e.g. with the help of heat maps. These convey how well or how quickly the respective users could solve the tasks set in the usability tests. Depending on the use case, pictograms can be used to illustrate which tasks are real showstoppers and which are mere blemishes. Filter functions also enable a differentiated analysis: the visualisation tool can sort and cluster the usability test data according to criteria such as professional group, expertise, age, IT affinity and other aspects. With the help of the usabiliser, usability problems are addressed in a targeted and timely manner, since the client, the development company and the researchers can collaborate interactively.

Technical Realisation:

The Usabiliser is based on the frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Feathers

More information about the Usabiliser and our usability test methods can be found here.