Visit of Ecuadorean Minister for Innovation at FOKUS

News from May 02, 2013

Ecuadors Nacional Secretary of Higher Education, Science and Techno-logy (SENESCYT), René Ramirez, paid a visit at FOKUS last week in order to learn more about working in the research field of „Smart Cities“. With the „City of Knowledge“ Ramirez’ plan is to realize a model city in Ecuador in order to achieve economic upturn by pushing the national innovation research and development.

At FOKUS the delegation got a broad impression on how visionary concepts can be realized with the Fraunhofer concept of applied research – based on an optimal collaboration of research and industry. The Ecuadorians had a particular interest in the innovation office InnoCity that opened a year ago in Santigo de Chile. With the newly created Chilean branch office, Fraunhofer FOKUS is collaborating with South American representatives from industry, politics and science to develop Smart City-solutions for the region. How those developments may look like and how exactly they can be applied, was presented to the delegation in the institute’s eGovernment and Smart Energy Lab. Besides this FOKUS’ scientists showcased innovative applications of warning and security systems (KATWARN) and Wireless Backhaul Technology (WiBACK) to illustrate smart solutions for smart cities in realistic scenarios.