Nov. 13–14, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Jorge Carapinha

Portugal Telecom (PT), Portugal

Jorge Carapinha graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Coimbra in 1984 and received an MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro in 1998. Since 1985 he has been with PT Inovação (formerly CET). He has worked in several fields including conformance testing, Virtual Private Networks, Quality of Service and backbone networks and technologies. He has a long record of participation in international collaborative research projects, namely in the framework of European Work Programmes such as IST, ACTS, CTS, TEN-ISDN and Eurescom. Currently his work is mainly oriented to Future Internet topics, with a special focus on Network Virtualization and Cloud Networking. He has authored/co-authored several papers published in technical journals or presented in international conferences.