FOKUS at Medientage München
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer FOKUS at Medientage München

News from Oct. 22, 2014

At the booth of Fraunhofer FOKUS with the focus on "Multi Screen Entertainment and Advertisement" visitors of "Medientage München", October 22-24, get an insight into the latest web technologies for interactive and cross-device entertainment. With "FAMIUM Multiscreen Advertisement" a technology solution for the dynamic integration of digital video advertising in classic linear TV content will be shown.

Dynamic supply in the TV stream or the insertion of information via the Internet provide new options: The sender may carry advertising one-to-one targeted in the future. Even local advertising placements are possible. This offers just for small divisional and local stations new, more flexible marketing opportunities. Advertising must no longer be integrated static and fixed, but you can switch as needed or link targeted with a campaign. For example, if a product in a particular region for a certain period of time is to get more favorable. The user buys then easily via a smartphone.

The necessary technologies are being developed at Fraunhofer FOKUS and standardized: Fraunhofer FOKUS provides a reference implementation called FAMIUM. Hereby applications can be cross-platform implemented and tested with multiscreen and rich media applications. Video content is an integral part of it and is integrated by adaptive streaming technologies such as MPEG DASH in the web area. FAMIUM addresses the possibilities of this technologies and extended them to multi-screen and synchronization functionalities. This allows live TV in the browser without plugins, dynamic advertising placement or synchronous multi-screen video, complemented by appropriate additional content.

A further development of Fraunhofer FOKUS is the "HbbTV Application Toolkit": This solution helps both, app developers and editors of TV stations, to create SmartTV apps simply, quickly and easily. The toolkit can be tested live at the booth in its beta version. Together with the partners rbb – Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg and the Institute of Radio Technology (IRT), this solution provides templates for broadcasters and their editors in the form of offering different features for creating HbbTV apps, for example interactive video galleries.