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ÖFIT Trendsonar

How will the current fields of technology develop in the future? The interactive web tool ÖFIT-Trendsonar shows which technologies and principles will drive development.


Technological developments are highly complex and dynamic. Even if certain fields of technology will most likely gain in importance, the assessment of individual technologies, concepts and components is fraught with considerable uncertainty. The relevance and future viability of current trends and technologies can often only be assessed through a combination of experts on the one hand and quantitative analyses on the other.

Solution Approach

The interactive web tool ÖFIT-Trendsonar offers decision-makers from politics, business and administration a well-founded overview of which technologies, concepts and components of a technology field are expected to drive development. To this end, our scientists identify relevant technologies, carry out quantitative analyses and have the trends evaluated and discussed by other experts. We supplement these coordinated assessments with further quantitative analyses, for example on scientific publications, start-ups, patents and research funding.

The web tool presents all results interactively and compactly: An overview shows how many years it will take before the technology trend can be considered to be reliable, robust and effective. The ÖFIT Trendsonar also considers five qualitative assessment criteria for each technology: Future viability, maturity, supply, demand and standardisation.

ÖFIT Trendsonar

Solution in Use

You can find out more about the trend sonar and trend research at the Competence Centre for Public IT here.