Nov. 13–14, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Luis López Fernández

Kurento.org, Spain

Dr. Luis Lopez is associate professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, where he carries out different teaching and research activities in areas related to WWW infrastructures and services. His research interests are concentrated on the creation of advanced multimedia communication technologies and on the conception of Application Programming Interfaces on top of them. The aim of such technologies is to simplify the development of professional real-time communication services satisfying complex and heterogeneous requirements. Dr. Lopez research ideas have generated more than 60 scientific and technical publications and have been included into important research and industrial projects including FI-WARE (http://fi-ware.org) and NUBOMEDIA (http://www.nubomedia.eu). Currently, Dr. Lopez is leading the Kurento.org initiative: an open source software infrastructure providing server-side capabilities for WebRTC with features such as group communications, computer vision, augmented reality, transcoding, mixing and much more.