Apr. 01, 2013 to Sep. 30, 2015

The goal of XIFI is to establish a sustainable marketplace for trial infrastructures and Future Internet services. XIFI will achieve this vision by integrating and federating a multiplicity of heterogeneous environments – starting from the generic and specific enablers provided by the FIWARE core platform and the FI-PPP use cases and early trials. Also integration of the OpenMTC into the platform and application of several Federation mechanisms are foreseen. Specifically XIFI will:

  • facilitate unified access to large-scale infrastructures
  • provide access to generic enablers with QoS beyond best effort
  • offer a federation service through which infrastructures can offer their capabilities
  • enable infrastructures to be shared across use cases

In addition XIFI will provide training, support and assistance including integration guidelines and the promotion of best practice between large-scale trials and infrastructure nodes.