Free disaster alert system for Oldenburg citizens

News from Sep. 26, 2012

More safety for Oldenburg: Today the city of Oldenburg launched the disaster alert system KATWARN. With KATWARN, all registered citizens receive detailed alerts via text message or email in case of emergencies. The registration to the system is voluntary and free of charge. The KATWARN system has been developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin and is made available across Germany via public insurance providers since 2011.

KATWARN is an additional warning system meant to alert concerned citizens by text message or email in case of critical situations. Citizens may voluntarily sign up for the system with their postal code (e. g. home or work) via text message. Currently KATWARN is available in Berlin, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Bad Homburg, the District of Schwalm-Eder in Hesse, as well as in the districts Aurich, Leer and Wittmund and the City of Emden in East Frisia. The warning messages contain brief information on the dangerous incident and give behavioral advice. KATWARN warnings are a supplement – not a substitute – for the general information given by public authorities like police or firefighting forces and the media.