immer MOBIL

Apr. 01, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2012

The aim of the “immer MOBIL“ (“always mobile“) project, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, is to make mobility services in rural areas easier and more convenient to use. Its focus was on developing an information logistics platform which networks all the travel options in a region, makes information about the services available on demand, and also provides a booking facility. In addition to public transport, the platform includes social and private transport services, dial-a-ride buses, shared taxis and ridesharing and takes into account the personal preferences of users. Pilot trials were successfully completed in the districts of Traunstein and Rosenheim.

Work on the project is based on a combination of telematics and information and communication technologies. The information, request and booking services are provided via mobile devices, services supported by an integrated, web-enabled information system. The system compares the latest requests and availability at each location and delivers individually tailored mobility options which take into account both the location and personal preferences of the user.