Nov. 13–14, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Carsten Bock

NG-Voice, Germany

Carsten Bock is the CEO and founder of ng-voice GmbH; a german technology startup with a focus on open-source IMS. As a member of the development and management-team of the Kamailio (OpenSER) project, he's been pushing and improving IMS-Core functionality into the Kamailio SIP-Proxy. Apart from several fixed-line Kamailio-IMS deployments, he is currently working on deploying open-source IMS for VoLTE in several mobile networks throughout the world.

Carsten received a bachelor's degree from the university of applied sciences in Hamburg. He was among the leading technologists to develop and provide the first IP telephony solution as a real analog line replacement for Telefonica/O2 in Germany.