NGNI, Headerbild, FUSECO FORUM 2016
Nov. 3–4, 2016 – Fraunhofer-Forum, Berlin

Ibnu Alinursafa

Internet of Things and Infra services manager, Telkom Indonesia

Ibnu Alinursafa is the Internet of Things and Infra services manager at the Digital Division Service of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TELKOM Indonesia). He received his Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Indonesia.
Ibnu joined TELKOM in 1998, he has experienced in Signalling and Protocol such as SS7, SIP, MAP, IS-41/CDMA. He has been in charge in various Value Added Service research and development project for messaging system, wireless fixed, softswitch, and IMS. Now he is responsible for standardization and development of Internet of Things (IoT), Video service, as well as Telco based services.


IoT platform and use case of development case study in Telkom Indonesia

IoT is a global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual object through the exploration of data capture and communication capabilities. Based on market survey, Indonesian IoT total market size is approximately USD 4B in year 2020. However connectivity, which is the basic Telkom Indonesia business, only contributes 2% of that opportunity. Therefore, Telkom Indonesia and its subsidiary within group would like to maximize revenue from IoT Business stream as digital product. This presentation will describe Telkom Indonesia current IoT business implementation, and vertical industry and use case being prioritized in the short-middle term. Technical aspect such as platform and connectivity will be described as well.