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Nov. 9–10, 2017 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Li-Fung Chang

Chief Architect, 5G Technology Program Office, MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Taiwan

Dr. Li Fung Chang is the Chief Architect (2015-present) of the national 5G program funded by the DoIT (Department of Industrial Technology) / MoEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) in Taiwan. In this role, she is responsible for setting up 5G master plan, strategy direction for this program as well as providing technical consultation and guidance to the engineering teams working under this project. Prior to this position, she was a Senior Director of Engineering at Broadcom Corp, - Mobile and Wireless Group.  Dr. Chang is a veteran from AT&T research Labs and Telcordia.  In 2001, she joined Mobilink Telecom (acquired by Broadcom in 2002) to start her career in cellular SOC design/implementation and commercialization for multi-mode modem. She led the baseband designs and managed system groups across multiple sites (San Diego, Irvine, Sunnyvale, New Jersey, Hsin-Chu Taiwan and Shanghai). 

Dr. Chang holds over 85 US patents and many international patents in the area of wireless communications.  She is a Chair Professor with NCTU (National Chiao Tung University, HsinChu, Taiwan), fellow of the IEEE.


Towards 5G Development in Taiwan

5G, unlike its predecessor, is not only an access technology that operate at higher spectrum either in sub 6GHz or mmWave bands but also an end-to-end system that provides service to different vertical applications. It is a system that realizes integration of virtualization and software defined network, carries out true convergence of IT and CT. In this talk, we will provide an overview of 5G system development for enterprise network in Taiwan and describe sample use cases as examples.