Meeting of the advisory board: Fraunhofer FOKUS is excellently positioned scientifically, technologically and commercially

News from Sep. 18, 2014

On the 18th of September 2014 the advisory board of Fraunhofer FOKUS met in Berlin for its annual meeting. The advisory board welcomed Prof. Manfred Hauswirth as the future executive director and was very satisfied with the positive development of the institute. In the political environment, with regard to technology FOKUS has positioned itself excellently and is with its key topics both scientifically and technologically on a very high level.

The advisory board with representatives from politics, industry and science advises the management in the strategic positioning of Fraunhofer FOKUS. At the beginning of this year’s meeting, five new members were welcomed: Claus Wechselmann (ÖPP Deutschland AG), Dr. Klaus Zehner (SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kellerer (Technische Universität München), Hans-Jürgen Mäurer (DEKRA Automobil GmbH) und Indra Utoyo (PT Telkom Indonesia) will be a part of the advisory board of FOKUS as of January 2015.

Subsequent to the handing over of the certificates to the new members, Dr. Hans-Otto Feldhütter department head business models of the Fraunhofer Society reported about the scientific and commercial environment from the perspective of the head-quarters. Thereafter Prof. Radu Popescu-Zeletin informed about new developments at FOKUS and highlights from the past years 2013/ 2014. Special attention was given to the appointment of Prof. Manfred Hauswirth as the new executive director of the institute. Following the presentation of Prof. Popescu-Zeletin, Prof. Manfred Hauswirth introduced himself and outlined his strategic and organizational plans and announced the formation of two new Competence Centers for domain specific Big Data and Analytics as well as for Innovation. On the 1st of October Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth will officially assume office as the executive director of the institute. Gerd Schürmann, deputy director of the institute FOKUS complemented the report for the advisory board with figures pertaining to staff and budget.

As a part of the meeting of the advisory board, each year one Competence Center is presented in detail. In this year the deputy director of the CC Dr. Niklas Blum presented the advisory board with the research activities, current projects and highlights of the Competence Center „Next Generation Network Infrastructures“ /NGNI). The central focuses were the topics M2M-Communication and Industry 4.0. In a tour of the NGNI-Laboratory Dr. Niklas Blum demonstrated to the advisory board the OpenXXX toolkits and playgrounds of NGNI, with which industry and developers can test applications and services for future networks.

At the end of the meeting the members of the advisory board were unanimous: Fraunhofer FOKUS with its portfolio is positioning itself in what is the center of currently technologically, scientifically and commercially relevant. The expansion of the portfolio with a domain specific Competence Center Big Data and Analytics as well as the Competence Center Innovation, that is to bundle and intensify the reutilization process of the institute is explicitly welcomed by the advisory board. In view of the political positioning the advisory board emphasized in particular the CC ÖFIT (Public Information Technology) has already established itself as a „Trusted Advisor“ to politics and recommended FOKUS to expand this to other topics as well. Furthermore the advisory board recommended that FOKUS position itself to the topic “System Validation” and to incorporated existing competences in telecommunication and civil security. Chairman Dr. Hagen Hultzsch summed up in the closing discussion that, on the whole FOKUS is well established for the future.