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One of the winning teams: SmartAppCity Fraunhofer FOKUS

Three Ambitious Teams on a Winning Track: Candidate Start-Ups for the FI-PPP Berlin Challenge Selected

News from Nov. 13, 2014

Fraunhofer FOKUS has selected the most promising teams in the pre-round of the FI-PPP Berlin Challenge: an intelligent mobile information system for citizens and visitors of a Smart City, a personalized training plan for maintenance staff of renewable energy plants and a flexible information hub that lays the foundation for the Smart Home.

Each team was awarded 10.000€ for turning their innovative business ideas into market ready products and services. Besides the money, each team is profiting from access to Europe-wide infrastructures and open software solutions. FI-PPP, the Future Internet Public Private Partnership, is an EU initiative for Internet-enabled innovation. With this challenge a wider adoption of Future Internet technologies and smart infrastructures by innovative SMEs and start-ups is promoted.

So what are the ideas behind our winning teams?

Get-App Spain
Smart cities provide visitors and citizens with targeted information. SmartAppCity from Get-App Spain is an app that bundles city services. Their integrated vision is to show and map the massive information generated in the Smart City by its residents, visitors, services and infrastructure in real time. It is integrated with a web platform which allows shops and businesses to promote and advertise their localized services.

smart energy net
Mastering the transformation to renewable energies requires skilled staff to maintain solar and wind parks. By establishing a virtual academy with a broad spectrum of courses, Berlin-based smart energy net wants to create a personalized curriculum and training program that matches individual needs, constraints and qualifications with available educational facilities.

Magicbox Interactive
"Smart Cities are made up of Smart Homes" is the tagline of Magicbox Interactive from Madrid. In their application Smarthub an Android set-top-box connected to a TV is converted into a hub for domotic sensors and smart appliances. The goal is to bring information of Smart Cities and services to the citizens' living room and connect selected Smart Home information to Smart City wide services.

Accelerating startups
In order to thrive in a rapidly changing world it is important to find supportive surroundings that push young upcoming enterprises and businesses into a pole position. FI-PPP, the Future Internet Public Private Partnership equips SMEs with machinery to efficiently turn their business ideas into market ready services. FI-PPP provides a two-fold impetus: FI-WARE – an open source toolkit of generic software components that accelerate the implementation of new apps and services and the FI-WARE Lab that is a cloud-based, Europe-wide, federated infrastructure which allows free access to networking and computing resources for experimentation, testing and development.

About the FI-PPP projects
The FI-Ware Berlin challenge is organized by Fraunhofer FOKUS on behalf of EIT ICT Labs Berlin within the EIT ICT / FI-PPP Liaison Project.

The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, short: FI-PPP, is a European programme for Internet-enabled innovation. The FI-PPP will accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe, advance the European market for smart infrastructures, and increase the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet.

EIT ICT Labs is one of the first Knowledge and Innovation Communities set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as an initiative of the European Union. EIT ICT Labs’ mission is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.