Nov. 5–6, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Alexander Berlin

EU Project Manager & Consultant

Alexander Berlin is professional startup developer and investment adviser on the European level. He has a strong financial background as well as advanced skills in programming, software conception and good understanding of internet technologies.

His main objective is to grow and nurture the creative entrepreneurial spirit in Europe by offering startups the following services: 
  • Build connections and synergies with other startups, potential customers and regions in Europe
  • Identify the right technology partners on the university level 
  • Develop products and business models to be internationally competitive
  • Advice on internationalization strategies
On the other hand, Alexander works at Media Deals with international business angels, scouts tech and media startups and structures synergetic portfolios for a more risk-hedged investment in the early stage segment.

Alexander Berlin is also an experienced EU project manager and works on the development of an competitive European entrepreneurial infrastructure at projects like @diversity and FIWARE. He is part of advisory groups on the EU level and translates the needs of startups and cross-border investors in Europe into economically reasonable actions.

Alexander studied International Business with a focus on corporate finance and controlling at the Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge and the Berlin School of Economics and Law. After his studies, he founded Life Action Games, a startup in area of augmented reality gaming, and the communication agency Urban Hood, that provided a mobile campus tour guide for the Humboldt University.

Currently, Alexander is building with "Berlin Thinking" his own acceleration service for tech startups in sectors like medical diagnosis, smart cities, virtual reality and big data service that want to grow internationally. Berlin Thinking analyses, rates and accelerates startups for synergetic funds of business and super angels.


Bringing future internet startups to the market

Many inventions and ideas are deriving from the FIWARE API catalogue and seek for their way into the market. FI Business supports entrepreneurs to find matches with existing SMEs and their challenges, to secure private funding for their market entry and to utilize synergies with other FIWARE startups. The goal is to form an ecosystem of investors, SMEs, researchers and entrepreneurs to better exploit technological inventions by organizing bootcamps, investment forums, matchmaking sessions, ePitches and one-on-one coaching with industry experts. Learn more about the FI Business activities and how to fertilize the open innovation process between established SMEs, cutting-edge research and future internet startups.