EU-Project „Electronic Simple European Networked Services” (e-SENS) initiated

News from Apr. 18, 2013

The relevance of interoperability in public services is not only increasing on the national, but also on the European level. In this context, European public administration is facing numerous challenges regarding organizational, legal, technical and semantic issues. To address and dissolve these, the pilot project e-SENS has been initiated in April 2013. Involving a high participation of the European states, Fraunhofer FOKUS is part of the German consortium.

Previously started large scale pilots such as e-CODEX, SPOCS and STORK have already shown that the provision of cross-border electronic services is becoming easier and more efficient through the use of interoperable ICT solutions. The aim of the new project "Simple European Networked Electronic Services" (e-SENS), funded by the EU under the ICT Policy Support Programme, is to increase the usability from previous projects and transfer the results to new areas of application. E-SENS aims at:

  • Develop a common infrastructure for interoperable public services,
  • enable higher interoperability between public administrations all over Europe,
  • provide the foundation for the platform of “core services” for a of cross-border digital infrastructure regarding e-Government and
  • support the creation of a European digital single market.

Fraunhofer FOKUS research activities will mainly involve the areas of e-Identities, e-Delivery and Semantics. e-SENS consortium is composed of 22 partners representing 20 European countries, including Norway and Turkey.